Friday, April 30, 2010

The Benefits of Dating on a Dime

I preach “dating on a dime” because it befits my lifestyle, which at this point in my life contains more time than money. However, you can take girls out for fancy nights out if you can afford it, although it’s not the best idea until you know the girl is sincerely interested in you…and not the prospect of a free, lavish dinner.

The Classic Dinner Date

I grew up on the idea that if you like a girl you ask her out to dinner, a message echoed throughout movies, social norms and my community. Sharing a meal with someone is an excellent bonding experience because it satiates the body with extraordinary flavors while opening the mind and heart to a new person. That’s why a dinner date always seems like a special occasion, because each of you are getting out of your often mundane, healthy eating habits to treat your body and mind to invigorating sensations.

If you have the income, assets and investments that befit a more luxurious dating lifestyle, I whole heartedly encourage you to enjoy yourself! Take women out to nice dinners, snazzy lounges or week-long vacations to Cancun.

I just hope you are going on these pricey excursions with women interested in you, as opposed to those seeking the ego-gratifying experience of an all-expense paid dinner date. Lets face it, women enjoy dinner dates because they get lavished with attention and consideration, but sometimes these women have little to no romantic interest in their dining companion.

I knew of a girl who would accept almost any dinner date invitation simply out of curiosity. She liked the idea of a guy wanting to get to know her over dinner, even if she was not romantically interested in him. I found this idea appalling that a poor sap might shell out $60 or more for dinner while this girl had only mild interest in him, or nothing better to do on a Thursday night after work.

The Pre-Date

For this reason, I suggest screening women you’d like to take out for more extravagant outings that require preparation, planning, time and money by going on a casual date beforehand. I call them “pre-dates” and they consist of activities that don’t cost much and are fun, like meeting for coffee in a cool place, free art walks, sampling exotic desserts, checking out a museum or going on a hike. All of these activities don’t seem “cheap” because you know getting into them that you won’t be spending more than $20 for a great experience.

Be creative in how you want to spend time with a girl, and after that first experience, you’ll better know if it’s worth inviting her into your world.

Fun in the LA Sun

Los Angeles is full of incredible, inexpensive activities and here is one of my favorites: Hiking Griffith Park.

This photo was taken right before I touched the Hollywood sign and an alarm went off...fortunately there were no attack dogs

Pick up a map at the Ranger Station and traverse up to the top of Mt. Hollywood or take an alternate route to hop a fence and touch the Hollywood sign. You’ll experience a great view of the city, exercise, the So Cal sun, a memorable time with your friends and if you invite a girl, a perfect opportunity to have fun and get to know her.

What are your favorite, inexpensive activities in your city? In Los Angeles?

What have been your experiences going on pre-dates?

Next time: “How to start a conversation with anyone…like Gerard Butler”


bradfordwalker said...

Dinner is the best way to date. As you would know what the other person likes in food and also you both could go out for a walk after dinner and get to know each other well.
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Eric Horwitz said...

While dinner is a great way to connect with people, it's a bit pricey for my own preferences on a first date when I don't even know if we connect well. I like that you also enjoy the appeal of walking around with your date, it's a great way to get your blood pumping and more casually talk.

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