Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where did I go?

Hello readers,

I've got to get something off my chest. It hurts a bit, but needs to be done.

As of now, I need to take this dating blog in a different direction. I have enjoyed going through the pain/pleasure of writing each post and getting great advice and feedback from readers and fans. Being a micro-micro celebrity "dating guy" has been fun. However, I will be discontinuing further posts for two reasons:

1) Ironically, this dating blog has interfered with my dating life. I've had people ask me, while on a first date, "You're not gonna blog about me, right?" If I can't blog about dating and share hilarious stories full of discovery, what the hell would I write about? And on another level, there are certain girl(s) reading this that I DON'T want to know about my dating life for various reasons.

2) I need to distance myself from a dating blog because I am pursuing a business endeavor in which I will be working with young kids. It would be awkward for a kid to google my name and read stories about dates, romance and... you get the point. This endeavor will significantly help out my career and financial status, and is of higher priority than this blog.

3) This sounds awful to say, but there's no source of financial gratification from writing this blog. It's a writing outlet. And if I'm going to spend time writing, I need to focus on some path that could yield something, anything, to help my mid-20s go a bit smoother.

Now, I'm not closing down the blog, because I have a feeling I might go the Candace Bushnell route (author of "Sex and the City") and create a "character" that will obviously resemble me but is not exactly me. This way I'm not giving away my life as much as I have. Will future posts be pure fiction or a near autobiography? Probably a blend of both.

As for you, the reader, I thank you for what crumbs of attention you have given to me, my words and this blog. There is more to come, perhaps a collection of short stories, and we shall see what happens. Thank you for your time

The LA Dater


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