Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Really Fun First Dates for under $40

Remember how I always say that a first date should be fun and inexpensive? Even if you’re unemployed, there is no reason not to go out (which I’m sure you’re already doing), meet a cute girl and then plan a creative and affordable first date. This coming week I’ll be going on two, great first dates.

First Date #1: Local concert and a drink

At a college alumni mixer, I met and hit it off with a cute, playful fellow alumni. Instead of getting her number, I chose to progress things in a different way and one that suits my talents. I’m a good writer, so I befriended her on facebook, and got to know her better through back and forth messaging. Eventually, I told her we should meet for drinks and then asked her for her number. Now I have a really good idea of who she is and what we have in common, so I was excited to send her a text message inviting her to go to a local concert called LA Unheard that features indie rock bands that are on the cusp of getting big. It’s only $10 a person and I’ll spend another $5 for parking. At the concert, I’ll order us two beers, which will probably cost $10. That’s a whole night out from 7pm-11pm where we get to see a rock show and chat over drinks for $35.

I would go to this concert even without a date, and I’m looking forward to it because it’s something new to me. Sometimes on a first date, us men choose to go out to a lounge or restaurant that we’ve been to many times, which is less exciting for us even though it may be thrilling for our date. I think it’s better to plan a date that is new and exciting for both people, so you can share a new experience together.

First Date #2: Gelato Adventure

For another date, I’ll be meeting up with a girl I met at a friend’s birthday. We talked about Italian food and I mentioned there’s a new gelato shop called Grom which is a popular brand in Italy that just opened a store in Malibu

I suggested we go out for gelato on a weekend afternoon, and called it a “gelato adventure.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to go out on anything that’s lableled an adventure? We are going to meet at a Café for a coffee ($8), then take one car to Malibu. We’ll enjoy two gelatos ($10) and definitely walk around the beach on a beautiful winter day in Los Angeles, where the temperature hits a lovely 80º.

I have dinner plans that evening, so we’ll only be able to hang out for a few hours, which is PLENTY of time for a first date. Plus, the more activities you do the better, because it makes the experience seem grander, as opposed to spending two hours at one restaurant for an $80+ dinner. I could stretch that $80 into two, fun first dates that includes live music, the beach and fresh gelato.

Both dates cost less than $40 and will easily take up 3 hours, with plenty of cool things to do so we won’t have to just talk and talk and talk and exchange verbal resumes. I’d rather hear her opinion about the pistachio gelato we’re experiencing, and get to know her over a longer period of time.

There you have it, two perfectly orchestrated first dates!

For my next post, I will reveal the complete opposite of these ideas, a first date I went on where I spent way too much money and stayed out for way too long. Guys, live and learn from my mistakes and successes, that’s what I’m here for.


Pariya said...

oh your gelato post totally reminded me of one of my dates! yes it is a great way to enjoy your date and not to spend too much money.Usually geltao places are cute and fun... and of course gelato is great!
outdoor activities are usually less costly. I don't know maybe Venice beach ? or the Santa Monica pier ? you can walk, enjoy the place and grab something small to eat :)

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