Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you meeting new people everyday?

  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but life is not a Disney movie.  Unfortunately, you can't wait around for Prince Charming to come save you or for Jasmine (lets be honest, the hottest Disney character ever) to conveniently pass your way when you're a street rat.  You must be very proactive.  

  If you want ANYTHING in life, you have to go out and seek it.  Like I've said, dating is like a job, and to find a great job requires a lot of research, interviews and plenty of rejections.  For some reason, people are willing to make that extra effort to work hard and save furiously for that awesome car or dream vacation, or spends years at school awaiting that ideal medical job down the line, but when it comes to finding love, they stand in the background like a wallflower, waiting for something to happen.  

  Finding a romantic partner takes just as much effort as any other goal, like losing weight through diet and exercise or learning to speak Italian.  Don't spend your life being passive, as that will just lead to too many nights drinking beers with your buddies saying, "Where are all the good chicks?"  

  They are OUT THERE and it's your job to go out and introduce yourself to them.  Unless you are incredibly good-looking and/or famous, a girl may bat an eye in your direction, but will rarely approach you.  Instead, you gotta do the work.  Which means meeting new people everyday.  

  Here's a really simple goal: meet three people you don't know everyday.  If you're a guy, make small talk with three women, anywhere about anything.  Today I was at the supermarket and a woman reached for the broccoli at the same time I did and that prompted a fun little chat about cooking broccoli in a tasty way, like making Roasted Broccoli Parmesan.  

  If you get good at consistently making upbeat small talk with girls, you will eventually be ready when that dream girl passes you by and you're confident enough to approach her.  You have the experience and have practiced a lot.   Remember, it's all practice and start small.  Eventually you'll be able to easily segue to getting a phone number and going on a date.

  I practice what I preach and today I spoke to five women: at the bank, the supermarket and later a rock concert (there are some great free shows on Monday).  I'll talk to more people tomorrow as I go about my day and, eventually I will connect with a great woman to spend a lot of my time with.

  Tomorrow is a new day, make it count!



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