Monday, October 17, 2011

The Coffee Date Pt 3: The Ideal Date

Finally, after recounting two coffee dates I’ve experienced, there is some wisdom to be shared.  The first date was Pricey at a Restaurant and the second was more Casual.

The Ideal Coffee Date is casual and can be a springboard for a greater experience.  It is merely a way to get together and enjoy light conversation over a hot beverage. 

There are two good times to meet for a coffee date:

1)  Weekend afternoon. 

Meet her on a Saturday or Sunday during the afternoon, which happens after brunch but before dinner.  Choose a great cafe with character that is not a  Starbucks or a sit-down restaurant.  In Culver City alone, The Conservatory and the Akasha Café are fantastic places with a good ambiance, music and quality coffee and pastries. 

The great thing about a weekend afternoon meetup is that it takes no precious time out of anybody’s weekend.  It’s before dinner, so you both can have plans made up beforehand.

But… if it’s going well… you can keep the day going, do an activity, get dinner or even get together later that night.  If your weekend is booked in advance and you want to keep things casual you can also meet on a:

2)  Weekday evening… after dinner

A weekday coffee date is more of a “lets get a hot beverage and dessert” setup, because it’ll take place at 8:30p.m or later to emphasize that the activity at hand is enjoying a late night dessert.  Most likely, you’ll both order tea or a decaf, but if she orders a regular coffee, she’ll have a lot more energy.

A Starbucks will do, if you can find a less-corporatized café with live music or even poetry reading (always worth a laugh), it’ll be more fun. 

These dates can then lead to a short walk around the neighborhood and have the potential to be extended or cut short.  I’d suggest cutting it short and seeing if you can get together that weekend for a second date like seeing a museum, event, movie or concert. 

I feel like I’ve described the setup of the coffee date…but I hope you know the more important that

It’s not about the coffee, it’s about the connection. 

No matter how well-planned a date is, the most important is if you two are having a good time together.  That you’re laughing, getting to know each other and flirting with each other.  Have fun!  Life is short, and even the most casual dates should be injected with a sense of joy and stimulation

Like a shot of espresso, but stronger.

Next week I’m excited to step away from the podium and share a guest post from another dating blogger that features an unusual first date that I guarantee you’ve never experienced.


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