Monday, October 24, 2011

First Date Ideas: Darts and Ice Cream

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I’ve recently gotten to know the guys at DateMasters and they’d like to share a guest blog post on the topic of fun and inexpensive first dates.  Their site offers advice on finding, meeting, getting and keeping high value women of exceptional beauty and great accomplishment.  You can check out their free tips, blogs and newsletters here:  


Hey everyone. This is Jack D. Serrano, Executive Trainer from DateMasters

When you meet a lot of women, it's essential that you have several good date plans that you can use again and again. It's also important to keep these dates fairly inexpensive and fun. No need to go all out and spend a ton of money trying to impress the girl. If she is honestly interested in you and has a good attitude, then she'll be more than happy to spend a fun evening with you, regardless of how much you spend. If she's just out to get free dates from guys then you can be sure that keeping your first few dates inexpensive will drive her crazy. Either way is good for you!

First things first, go meet more women. We recommend that all guys meet as many women as possible. Not only does it give you more options, but it also lets you hone your dating skills (making her laugh, having fun conversation, listening, watching out for signs she might be nuts.) 

And now for the date…

I've gone out for Darts and Ice Cream as a first date countless times with all kinds of different girls, from models and dancers to stock market analysts.  You can meet up with her in the evening around 7p.m. or 8p.m. or later on a weeknight.

Start with dart. It gives her a chance to get her blood flowing and have some good, active fun (with you). Then you get to relax and have a bit of light conversation afterwards. Dates tend to flow best when you do the activity followed by the meal (or ice cream or coffee or drinks).
So we start off with darts and have a few fun games full of light, playful conversation.  It doesn’t matter if you’re good or not because the joy comes from the activity, instead of trying to show off your pro skills.  It’s important to keep the conversation enjoyable and not serious…you can save those for a few dates down the line…as dates are supposed to be fun for both people. 

We’ll play darts for a while, anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, before I offer my arm to my date and head off for ice cream.

Feel free to substitute this with drinks, smoothies, or any other relatively inexpensive place where you can sit down and get to know her better. We like to keep it inexpensive for a couple reasons.

1) It weeds out women who are just using you for a free meal or night out
2) It slows down the whole dating process.

One of the biggest mistakes guys make is getting way too serious, way too fast with girls they like. This is especially important for really great women.  Beautiful, smart, successful, driven women are used to guys they date falling for them too quickly. It's a turn-off and they get bored with guys like that.

While you eat ice cream, continue to have fun, light conversation. This is also your chance to get to know her better to find out if she really is more than just a pretty face; someone who you want to spend more time with beyond this first date. You should be different from most guys by ACTUALLY getting to know her. Listen to what she has to say and make her laugh.  Also, keep your eyes and ears open for red flags that might cause trouble later on down the road.  Volumes could be written on the subject, but I think you get the idea.

This date usually lasts 2-3 hours and by the end a simple kiss is a nice finish. 

Overall, Darts and Ice Cream accomplishes everything you need for a great first date with a great woman. 

Thanks Jack!  I personally would substitute ice cream for gelato, which I detail in this post about Two Really Fun Date Ideasfor under $40

Next week, I’ll share one of my favorite afternoon dates and how it can lead to an even more fun evening…which involves you cooking for her...


  1. Eric,

    Thanks for having me on your blog.

    Funny enough, I did a Gelato date a couple days ago. Not a first date, but still lots of fun.

    Keep up the good work on your blog.

    Jack D. Serrano

  2. Thanks for the post Jack! I hope you enjoyed the gelato, it's like ice cream but "exotic" and sure to leave a good impression with your lucky lady.

  3. Mini date- make everything mini. Go mini golfing, make mini pizzas, make mini s'mores (golden grahams, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows) on a mini campfire, or add in other 'mini' activities
    Guide for men

  4. @Naveen,

    Those are some fun ideas, but why do you think this "mini" approach to dating is useful? How does it help make the date fun?

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