Sunday, February 6, 2011

If the date is not an adventure, I don’t want to go on it.

Cary Grant knows how to show a girl a good time.

Life is too short to go on boring dates.

You’re not just trying to show a girl a good time, but you should also be wanting to show yourself a good time. Why? Excitement is contagious, and if you’re out doing something you’ve never done before, then you will connect with your date over an enjoyable afternoon or night out.

Stop watching each other chew on food. Stop buying drink after drink to see what you’re both like buzzed. Sure it “relaxes you” but why not connect with her in a more natural state? After all, most relationships are spent being, you know, sober. If this is not the case, then I suggest you put down the bottle, unless it’s a really good Chianti.

A good first or second date should be seen by you and her as an ….


You should do something exciting that may take a little bit of planning. Just don’t be like the naysayers

Naysayer: “But Jason…my town is so boring…there’s nothing to do.”

Jason: “Where do you live?”

Naysayer: “Uhhhh...”

Jason: “Have you read the local paper? Check for museums or cultural events like plays or festivals. Go outside your area if need be.

Naysayer: “Yeah that sounds good.”


Naysayer: “…I live in LA.”

Jason: “Are you for real?”

Naysayer: “…”

Jason: “Read my blog, there are a ridiculous amount of fun things to do in this town from Santa Monica to downtown and beyond that don’t even cost much.”

When I meet a girl I’d like to go out with, I always present the first date as an adventure, where we will be trying something new. Here are a handful of ideas happening this month:

  • The LACMA Museum has a new exhibit where Barbie is joining the main collection, as reported in the LA Times What girl wouldn’t be intriguied by checking out her old playmates Barbie and Ken? Text her: “Do you like art? I hear Barbie is now at the LACMA museum, lets check it out.” Schedule a casual weekend afternoon date. If it goes well, you can grab dinner (or better, cook dinner together)

  • Another blurb in the LA Times notes that the Grammy Museum at LA Live has a cool new exhibit on the origins of hip hop music. This sounds awesome…and again…what girl doesn’t like hip hop music? I love the genre and am curious to learn more about its roots.
  • There’s also the 6th Annual Italian Film Festival that, when I went before, had a lot of free screenings at the Mann Chinese Theater. It runs Feb 20-26. Tell your girl you’d like to see a movie…and then mention it’s for a cool Italian film festival! Again, I would be jazzed if someone invited me to such an event.
    • (Side note: You could even take a different girl to each day of the festival. It’s perfectly ok and normal to date multiple women until you find one you want to be with. Trust me, she’s giving our her number to other guys besides you…that is assuming that she’s a pretty, fun girl that attracted you so much that you wanted to take her out. ;)

And there you have it gentlemen, three fun events to check out in LA. Consider these free tidbits of information like an Ace in your pocket, so that if you meet a girl at any point you have a cool event to experience with her.

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