Monday, November 28, 2011

An amazing podcast by David Wygant

I'm doing one of the most annoying and boring parts of running a business:  accounting.  I'm taking tons of receipts and putting them into an excel document and making it clear and organized.  

To provide some sort of stimulation, I listen to podcasts so I can learn more from people more experienced than myself.  I was listening to one podcast with my favorite dating coach David Wygant.  He's a true man and I am a regular reader of his daily blog.

He recently put up an interview that includes some amazing ideas, suggestions and first-hand experiences on the subjects of dating, self-awareness and life purpose.  It's an hour long interview and to hear his passion for helping people is inspiring and entertaining.  

My favorite moment is when he describes how he met a beautiful woman at his favorite taco restaurant in Texas.  His approach was genuine, complimentary and powerful.  Listen and learn: